Not just a Drop-in service

Accessibility is important to us – that you should be able to talk to someone when you need it.

For some, a single conversation is enough, while others need a longer process. We offer both.

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Someone to talk to, both about big and small things

You don't necessarily have to have a mental disorder to see a psychologist. Everyone can have bad thoughts and feelings at times in life, and it can be difficult to deal with alone. Some challenges that are common to experience are, for example:

💭 Performance anxiety

💭 Depressive thoughts

💭 Love sickness

💭 Burnout

💭 Relational challenges

💭 Loneliness

💭 Uncertainty

Or maybe something completely different? Feel free to share your thoughts with us. If you experience more serious and acute ailments, please contact the emergency department on 116 117.

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What is therapy, exactly?

It is not obvious to everyone what therapy entails, how long a course is or what is typically talked about. Would you like to learn more about therapy?

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Common troubles

Here you can read more about various difficulties and problems that many struggle with, common symptoms and which treatment is suitable to solve these.

We know that chemistry is important! Read a little more about our psychologists here

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How much does it cost to see a psychologist?

Predictability is important, and we therefore have different offers based on individual needs.

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Our clinics

Huitfeldts gate
Huitfeldtsgate 4A
0253 Oslo

Oscars gate 20
0352 Oslo

Kirkegata 1-3
0153 Oslo

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