We take pregnant women seriously

  • Prevention and treatment of pregnancy problems
  • Practitioners with specialist competence
  • Treatment room adapted for carrying small children

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No problem is too small as long as it is a problem for you

With us, you are not a patient, but a human being. You do not have to meet diagnostic criteria to come to us. We offer treatment, follow-up and guidance for you who want to take care of your body, regardless of starting point.

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We help you throughout the pregnancy

Adapted training for pregnant and new mothers

With the right follow-up, guidance and, not least, training, pregnant and new mothers can prevent and prevent lasting injuries.

Physical activity is important during pregnancy. HelseNorge recommends that all pregnant women stay physically active as it has a positive impact on the health of mother and child. All pregnancies are different: Dr. Dropin Fysikalske has experienced physiotherapists who can guide you, set up an exercise program and monitor you during and after pregnancy. We will make sure that you feel safe and looked after during a wonderful but vulnerable time in your life.

Infants and parents

After giving birth, women are exposed to wear-and-tear injuries in the muscles and bones. Our physiotherapists have extensive experience with exercises and carrying techniques to treat and prevent wear and tear injuries, prevent abdominal pain and reduce stress.

In addition, our physiotherapists have special expertise in infants' motor skills (0-12 months) and their stages of development. Through our expertise, we will be able to map the child's development and take measures if the child is not developing as normal. We can also offer treatment advice in connection with abdominal pain and colic, sleep difficulties and lying position.

Pelvic floor problems

It is common to have pelvic pain during and after pregnancy. This does not mean that the pain should be dismissed or that one should not take the pain seriously. 62% of all pregnant women are reported sick due to ailments related to pregnancy, and pelvic joint pain is one of the most common causes. Our therapists can assist in loosening the muscles for immediate pain relief, assist with exercise programs and facilitation for rehabilitation and prevention of pain before and after birth.

Read more herePelvic floor examination 995,–

How to find the right resting position?

Being pregnant can be both physically and mentally demanding. Finding a good resting position can help you reduce stress and physical strain, among other things.

Pelvic pain during pregnancy

About one in five pregnant women gets pelvic pain in Norway every year. The pain can come both early and late in pregnancy. They are often located at the two pelvic joints at the back of the pelvis, but can also be in front of the symphysis (pubic bone). The pain can radiate to the seat and back of the thighs. Walking, sitting and standing over time, posture change, forward bending and lifting are often painful.

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A long-term investment in your own health

Thorough examination and assessment

Our physiotherapists and chiropractors work thoroughly to identify and understand the cause of your ailments.

Treatment effect that lasts

Our focus is always on the treatment giving you a long-lasting effect. When you choose treatment with us, you do not pay for short-term relief, you invest in your own health.

Close monitoring

Vi lager en plan for oppfølging og er med deg «hele veien» hvis du har behov for det. Samtidig sørger vi for at det er enkelt for deg å komme i kontakt med din behandler.

Our practitioners are available via online consultation

Through video consultation, we can give you advice and guidance on pain and ailments. You meet skilled physiotherapists who will assist you with much of what you can get help with in a normal physiotherapy session.

The majority of all consultations we normally have in the clinic can be carried out on video. Going to a physiotherapist is not necessarily about physical treatment. The conversation and mapping of the medical history is the most important thing the physiotherapist needs to provide the right treatment.

The physiotherapist can evaluate your condition, advise, guide and suggest next steps. Based on your diagnosis and individual needs, the physiotherapist will draw up a treatment plan for you.

If your condition requires a physical examination, doctor's check-up or ultrasound, the physiotherapist will refer you to the right place. If you do not find your condition on the list below, you can safely book a video appointment.

Read more about how video consultation works here

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Get to know our therapists

We know that the right competence and good chemistry are important. Below you can therefore get to know our therapists better. We hope this makes it easier to find a therapist who is right for you.

Physiotherapist Martine

Martine has extensive experience with problems in the back, hip and pelvis in both women and men. She has special expertise in women's health and long-term pain, as well as training during and after pregnancy. Martine examines the function of the pelvic floor in women after pregnancy, and in the case of dysfunction and pain in the abdomen (including incontinence problems, abdominal prolapse/prolapse, vulvodynia, vaginismus). Martine also has expertise in sports medicine and offers treatment for acute and long-term musculoskeletal disorders. She is keen to see the whole person, and give good everyday advice on how to cope with your ailments.

Martine is particularly interested in:
Back | Hip | Groin | The stream | Women's Health | Pregnant | Abdominal complaints | Vaginism | Vulvodynia | Endometriosis | Incontinence problems

Additional services that Martine offers:
✓ Pressure wave treatment
✓ Manometer – pressure gauge for examination of strength and endurance in the pelvic floor

Where can you book an appointment with Martine?

📍 Oscars gate

Book appointment with Martine here

Physiotherapist Bente

Bente is a physiotherapist and osteopath with 20 years' experience in the treatment of adults and children. She is keen to see the big picture and find an individually adapted treatment course for the individual. As both an osteopath and a physiotherapist, she has a wide selection of treatment techniques to choose from. These include joint adjustments, mobilization techniques, soft tissue treatment and cranial osteopathy. If necessary, dry needling or pressure wave treatment is used. She also has expertise in women's health.

Additional services which Bente offers:
✓ Shock wave therapy

Where can you book an appointment with Bente?
📍 Grunerløkka

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Physiotherapist and PT Ida

Ida examines and treats a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders, with particular interest in problems in the back, neck, hips, knees and ankles. She finds it extra rewarding to work with sports and work-related injuries, rehabilitation after surgery and preventive measures.

As Personal Trainer she can help you achieve small or large goals in everyday life. Ida adapts the training to your level. Among other things, she has experience with cross-country skiing, running and dancing. Among other things, she can help you maintain or improve strength, mobility and endurance, optimize technique or sport-specific exercises.

Ida meets you with a good mood and a holistic approach where your health is at the center.

Additional services which Ida offers:
✓ Shock wave therapy
✓ Personal Trainer
✓ Foot analysis (3D-scan) and custom orthotic insoles

Where can you book an appointment with Ida?
📍 Bislett

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Physiotherapist and PT Therese

Therese treats musculoskeletal disorders in children and adults, with particular interest in exercise and work-related disorders, dizziness and headaches. She also works a lot with the neck, shoulder, hip, knee and foot. Therese also has experience with ailments after undergoing pregnancy.

As Personal Trainer, she is committed to both beginners and experienced. She herself has competed in athletics and CrossFit daily. Therese focuses on the right technique, individual training plans, injury prevention measures and long-term progression. At Therese, you will experience a wonderful combination of professional skill and commitment.

Additional services which Therese offers:
✓ Shock wave therapy
✓ Running analysis
✓ Personal Trainer

Where can you book an appointment with Therese?
📍 Bislett

Chiropractor Ana-Maria

Ana-Maria has 15 years of experience in clinical practice. She has worked as a chiropractor in England and Norway. Ana-Maria works with both acute and chronic musculoskeletal problems in the neck, back, shoulders, pelvis, hips, knees, radiating pain (sciatica) in the arms or legs, headaches and not least pelvic joint pain. She also has extensive experience in treating children. As a chiropractor, Ana-Maria is the primary contact in the healthcare system, with the right to refer to diagnostic imaging examinations and report sick if necessary.

Where can you book an appointment with Martine?
📍 Oscars gate

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Chiropractor Ingrid

Ingrid has a special interest in ailments in the neck, shoulders, elbow, back, pelvis, buttocks, hips and feet, as well as headaches. In addition, she has a lot of experience with the treatment of pregnancy problems. Ingrid regularly attends courses to stay professionally up to date. The techniques she uses are joint adjustments, mobilization, pressure point treatment, massage, pressure wave treatment and dry needles. At Ingrid, you will experience a wonderful combination of professional skill and commitment for you and your health!

Additional services which Ingrid offers:
✓Shock wave therapy

Where can you book an appointment with Ingrid?
📍 Majorstuen

Chiropractor Nathalie Moen

Nathalie has solid experience in treating neck, back, pelvis/hips, knees and ankles. This includes, among other things, headaches and dizziness, prolapse, rotator cuff inflammation, runner's knee and Achilles pain. Nathalie has been active in football, powerlifting and CrossFit. She has further education in sports medicine and courses in Dry Needling and myofascial soft tissue treatment. She can refer to diagnostic imaging and report sick. At Nathalie you meet a therapist who really cares about you and your health.

Where can you book an appoiintment with Nathalie?
📍 Majorstuen

📍 Bislett

📍 Ensjø

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Other topics in women's health

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Agreements with insurance companies

We have an agreement with all the largest insurance companies, so you can use your health care insurance at us.

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