Contraception - different types, what is right for you and how we can help you (2022)

The choice of contraception should feel simple and safe, whether it is mini-pills and contraceptive pills, contraceptive rod, contraceptive ring, contraceptive patch or IUD. The type of contraception that is right for you varies with age and life stage.

At Dr.Dropin, you will meet knowledgeable and committed doctors who can provide both guidance and advice for choosing the right contraception for you. You can easily renew or exchange contraception through a digital form, video or in a clinic.

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Contraceptive implantContraceptive pillsIntrauterine device

What kind of contraception is right for you?

Contraception protects against getting pregnant, but not against sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms are the only thing that protects against both and are the only contraception for men.

The doctors at Dr.Dropin can provide guidance on which contraceptives are best for the individual woman. Our doctors can also insert and remove the contraceptive stick, gynecologists can insert a spiral.

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Contraceptive pillsContraceptive implantIntrauterine device
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Contraception at Dr.Dropin

If you need to renew the contraception you have used in the past, you can easily get this through self-service treatment - answer a few simple questions and receive treatment in 15 minutes.

If it concerns birth control that you have not used before, you can also get advice and guidance via video, or book an appointment with our GPs or gynaecologists.

During the consultation, you will receive information and guidance so that you can start or switch to the contraception that is right for you and your life situation.

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Author: GP Anne Marte Ladim
Last updated: 22.03.2023