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We can assist you with medical certificate, sick leave* and other certificates.

We can help you with these certificates:

Book an appointment in one of our clinics

Book an appointment

For emergencies, call 113

Om du befinner deg i en krise eller har livstruende skader bør du ringe 113

    • Certification of absence, Upper secondary school
    • Drivers license: We can help you with certificate of health relating to application for a drivers license – primarily for group 2 licenses. If you are over the age of 75 and seek to renew your license you should see your GP
    • Police academy **
    • Free dive/sports dive
    • Boxing/kickboxing
    • Certificate for prolonged exams
    • MRSA attestation
    • School/education abroad

Unfortunately we are not able to help you get your sailor certificate or offshore medical attestation.

* By indication, our doctors provide sick leave for up to 1 week. Unfortunately our doctors cannot backdate sick leave. We can only give out sick leave from the day you seek medical help in our clinic. When prolonging sick leave, a new assessment and examination must be done in one of our clinics.

** You have to be referred to a specialist if you are seeking audiogram or spirometrics. Bring your own forms if you are seeking a referral.