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Some occupations are legally required to have health certificates in order to be able to carry out their job. We offer health certificates for a number of industries, delivered by our skilled doctors specialized in occupational medicine.

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What is a health certificate?

A health certificate is a document that confirms a person's health status and ability to carry out certain activities or tasks, for example a proof that one meets the health requirements of a certificate, or a confirmation of a health condition that gives the right to a dispensation. Below you can see an overview of the health certificates we deliver.

Offshore certificate

Anyone working offshore on an oil platform or within the petroleum industry needs a valid certificate confirming that they are healthy enough to work on an oil platform and do not pose a risk to themselves or others.

Seaman's certificate

If you work on ships or trawlers, you must be able to present a seaman's certificate. This is a certificate that shows that you are in good enough health to carry out your job at sea, and that you are not a threat to safety on board.

Combined certificate (Offshore/Sea)

Some work in industries that include both the offshore/petroleum industry and on ships and/or trawlers. Then it is necessary to have both an offshore and a seaman's certificate. At Dr.Dropin you can get both in one certificate.

Professional diving certificate

Professional divers, military divers and recreational divers must undergo a health examination to obtain an approved diving certificate. The requirements for professional divers are stricter than for recreational divers and a health certificate must be issued by an approved diving doctor.

Smoke diving certificate

Everyone who works with smoke diving and chemical diving must present a health certificate. This is to assess whether you are both physically and mentally fit to carry out work in dangerous environments.

Railway certificate

Everyone who works in the railway sector, for example locomotive drivers, needs a health certificate which confirms that you are in good enough health to carry out your work in a safe manner, and do not pose a risk to yourself or others.

How Dr.Dropin can help you with a health certificate

At Dr.Dropin you will find two of Norway's most skilled doctors in occupational medicine: Marit Skogstad and Kjersti Hjelle. They are both authorized petroleum and marine doctors, and have all the necessary certifications to be able to deliver a health certificate.

To prepare the health certificate, Marit and Kjersti offer a specialist examination with associated tests in our clinic at Vika.

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