Covid 19: If you have ongoing symptoms and want a medical examination, book an appointment at the Fever clinic / respiratory clinic at Frogner. Read more
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"We want you to feel heard, seen and feel more at ease after you’ve seen the doctor.”

Our medical team consists of carefully selected and committed people. They have solid expertise, clinical experience and Norwegian authorization, so you can trust that you get the help you need.

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Dr.Dropin has agreements with a number of insurance companies.


Why is prevention important?

Being a lot of activity is both healthy and fun. But with a lot of training, injuries can also occur. Be on your knees, ankles, shoulders or other body parts. Exercise injuries can in some cases put an end to activities that mean a lot to us.

That is why we at Dr.Dropin Fysikalske are concerned with prevention over time, so that you can do what you love - for as long as possible and in the best possible way.

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We take women's health seriously

The doctors and gynecologists at Dr.Dropin take women's health seriously. Many of the diseases in women's health are underdiagnosed and there is a lack of knowledge among those who meet the patients first. Dr.Dropin will meet patients with care and high professional competence, and contribute to increased information and enlightenment in society.

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