Group lessons for increased exercise enjoyment

Our instructors are physiotherapists. We see it as our task to motivate and guide you to better health.

Please do not hesitate to call us on 24 07 77 01 and choose '3'.

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Why group-sessions?

In Dr. Dropin we know that the best way to avoid injuries and to secure a healthy body is to have regular physical activity. Therefore, we offer group workouts with physiotherapists who has the capacity and ability to create a fun workout for all levels, and who understands your injuries and adapts the workout thereafter.

  • Det å trene med andre er sosialt og motiverende.
  • Rolige og trygge omgivelser med max 8 deltagere.
  • Alle gruppetimer holdes av fysioterapeuter
  • Variasjon, men samtidig individuell veiledning i øvelser
  • Egnet for rehabilitering og opptrening etter skade
  • Egnet for de med artrose
  • Passer for alle, uansett nivå
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How to claim your free session

1) Meld deg på gruppetime her.

2) Du får sms med bekreftelse på påmeldingen, inkludert informasjon om oppmøtested-/tidspunkt.

3) Møt opp til timen i treningstøy.

Preventive training to reduce pain and increase flexibility

Treningen har fokus på å forebygge, redusere smerte og øke fleksibilitet. Egnet for deg som søker økt mestring og livskvalitet.

Treningen er åpen for alle, men spesielt tilpasset seniorer og personer med artrose. Ingen aktiviteter som krever at du må opp og ned fra gulvet.

Har du spørsmål?
Ring eller send sms til 95406229

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Get to know our group instructors 🌻

Physiotherapist, PT and Group instructor Ida Hessen

Ida examines and treats a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders, with particular interest in problems in the back, neck, hips, knees and ankles. She finds it extra rewarding to work with sports and work-related injuries, rehabilitation after surgery and preventive measures.

As Personal Trainer she can help you achieve small or large goals in everyday life. Ida adapts the training to your level. Among other things, she has experience with cross-country skiing, running and dancing. Among other things, she can help you maintain or improve strength, mobility and endurance, optimize technique or sport-specific exercises.

Ida meets you with a good mood and a holistic approach where your health is at the center.

Additional services which Ida offers:
✓ Shock wave therapy
✓ Personal Trainer
✓ Foot analysis (3D-scan) and custom orthotic insoles

Where can you book an appointment with Ida?
📍 Bislett


Physiotherapist, PT and group instructor Steinar Heiberg

Steinar examines and provides treatment for both minor and major injuries to muscles, tendons and joints. During his career he has combined clinical work with educating and counselling physiotherapy students at Oslomet. He is experienced in the treatment of overuse injuries related to the heel/ankle, knee/hip, elbow and shoulder. Steinar uses a structured approach and focuses on a thorough examination before rapidly implementing treatment to help you get as good as possible, as fast as possible. He combines different treatment techniques such as exercise therapy and manual treatment. He also has more than 8 years of experience with shockwave therapy (ESWT).

Steinar has a particular interest in:
Shoulder | Hip | Knee | Ankle/Heel | Plantar fasciitis | Achilles pain | Tennis elbow / Golf elbow | Jumpers knee / Runners knee

Additional services which Steinar offers:
✓ Shock wave therapy
✓ Personal trainer

Where can you book an appointment with Steinar?
📍 Majorstuen


Physiotherapist, PT and group instructor Therese Skjølsvik

Therese treats musculoskeletal disorders in children and adults, with particular interest in exercise and work-related disorders, dizziness and headaches. She also works a lot with the neck, shoulder, hip, knee and foot. Therese also has experience with ailments after undergoing pregnancy.

As Personal Trainer, she is committed to both beginners and experienced. She herself has competed in athletics and CrossFit daily. Therese focuses on the right technique, individual training plans, injury prevention measures and long-term progression. At Therese, you will experience a wonderful combination of professional skill and commitment.

Additional services which Therese offers:
✓ Shock wave therapy
✓ Running analysis
✓ Personal trainer

Where can you book an appointment with Therese?
📍 Bislett

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