Custom orthotic insoles

A customized sole gives you the support you need, and gives your movements a starting point that can reduce pain and improve both function and performance.

Proceed like this

1) Book a regular appointment with a physiotherapist or chiropractor with special expertise in soles. You will find an overview of the therapists further down on this page.

2) Show up for the class and ask for a foot analysis. Your foot will be analyzed using a 3D scan.

3) If a need for specially adapted soles is revealed, you will receive detailed information and an offer about this.

4) When ordering soles, you will be contacted for a delivery/fitting time when the soles are ready (normally approx. 2 weeks after ordering).

Who needs orthotic insoles?

Anyone who has ailments related to foot / ankle strain and inappropriate position, as well as the need to prevent ailments during activity and work that is stressful for the foot, can have soles adapted. A thorough examination and motion analysis is always performed to assess the need for insoles.

Different types of insoles

At Dr. Dropin Fysikalske, we can use several different methods when we design specially adapted insoles. We offer modern and innovative technology with, among other things, 3D scanning. The technology can be used to develop specially-adapted anatomical soles that are completely adapted to your unique anatomy and problem.

We can customize sole insoles for several different types of footwear from sneakers, hiking shoes, work / safety shoes, everyday shoes, football shoes and ski boots.

Book an appointment or do you want more information?

Book an appointment now for a thorough examination of your problem with, among other things, physical examination, 3D scanning and video analysis. The examination is performed by therapists with special expertise in foot and ankle-related ailments.

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How much does it cost?

We charge an additional NOK 0 for foot analysis. This is included in the ordinary consultation price of NOK 695.

If you order specially adapted sellers, the total cost is NOK 3,495, including foot analysis. Total cost depends on type of sole.

Meet our therapists who are working with adapted soles

We know that the right competence and good chemistry are important. Below you can therefore get to know our therapists better. We hope this makes it easier to find a therapist who is right for you.

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Chiropractor Kristoffer Sandhaugen

Kristoffer has experience with comprehensive treatment of acute and chronic muscle and joint ailments. He has taken several in-depth courses in back and neck treatment, dry needle technique, dizziness and rehabilitation. At Kristoffer, you meet a chiropractor who not only "chases pain", but who spends time understanding the whole of a problem. His focus is to get there so that you can take control of your own ailments and avoid relapse.

Additional services which Kristoffer offers:
✓ Shock wave therapy
✓ Foot analysis and custom orthotic insoles

Where can you book an appointment with Fredrik?
📍 Ensjø

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Physiotherapist and PT Ida Hessen

Ida examines and treats a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders, with particular interest in problems in the back, neck, hips, knees and ankles. She finds it extra rewarding to work with sports and work-related injuries, rehabilitation after surgery and preventive measures.

As Personal Trainer she can help you achieve small or large goals in everyday life. Ida adapts the training to your level. Among other things, she has experience with cross-country skiing, running and dancing. Among other things, she can help you maintain or improve strength, mobility and endurance, optimize technique or sport-specific exercises.

Ida meets you with a good mood and a holistic approach where your health is at the center.

Additional services which Ida offers:
✓ Shock wave therapy
✓ Personal trainer
✓ Foot analysis and custom orthotic insoles

Where can you book an appointment with Ida?
📍 Bislett

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Physiotherapist Steinar Heiberg

Steinar has worked extensively on running-related problems and pain conditions in the foot, calf, and knee over the past 5 years. Some of the diagnoses he is particularly skilled at treating include plantar fasciitis, MTSS (shin splints), Achilles tendon pain, and knee osteoarthritis. In the treatment of these types of problems, he focuses on using multiple measures for optimal results. Therefore, treatment may involve exercise, shockwave therapy, sole adaptation, and other relevant techniques.

Steinar has a particular interest in:

Plantar fasciitis | Achilles tendon pain (Achilles tendonitis) | Heel pain | Knee/hip osteoarthritis | Shockwave therapy | Foot analysis and sole adaptation | Running-related injuries

Additional services Steinar offers:

✓ Foot analysis (3D scan) and sole adaptation

✓ Shockwave therapy

✓ Personal training sessions

Where can you book an appointment with Steinar?
📍 Majorstuen

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Physiotherapist Jørgen Hagen

Jørgen has several years of experience from private practice and treats most types of musculoskeletal disorders with a particular interest in knees, ankles, back and shoulders, as well as training/rehabilitation of fractures and joint/cruciate ligament injuries. He is interested in sports and has experience from, among other sports, skiing, football, strength/running and golf. Jørgen is keen to listen to the patient and has an active approach to the ailments, and also uses pressure wave therapy if necessary.

Additional services which Jørgen offers:
✓ Shock wave therapy

Where can you book an appointment with Jørgen?
📍 Grunerløkka

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