Tourist information (2022)

Dr.Dropin is an affordable, private health care provider with short waiting time. Our doctors can assist if you need medical attention and are not in acute danger at NOK 595.

All tourists visiting Norway are welcome at Dr.Dropin. If you are from a country within the EU/EØS, from Switzerland or Australia you are covered by the public health service. You can read more about that here.

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All medical services

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    • Prescriptions and sick notes
    • Referrals

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Are you a tourist from outside the EU/EØS/Switzerland or Australia?

What and where
Dr.Dropin is a private health care service which was started to offer people doctor's appointment with short waiting time at a fixed and affordable price to whomever may need it.

We offer doctor's appointments in our clinics in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, Bærum and Asker. We also offer doctor's appointment on video, however you will need BankID for this.

Costs and payment
A doctor's appointment at one of our clinics costs NOK 595 and a video appointment costs NOK 350. You pay using Vipps or bank card in the clinic.
Since you don't have coverage for any public services, you must also cover additional expenses if needed such as blood testing. Blood tests is sent to analysis at Fürst and an invoice will be sent to pay for this cost.

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Need more than just a doctor's appointment?
In addition to regular doctor's appointments, we also offer appointments at dermatologist, gynecologists, psychologists, pediatrists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, plactic surgery and midwife at a fixed, affordable price with short waiting time.

If you still would like to use the public health care whilst you are here, you can read about your rights here:

They advice you to get a private insurance to cover the costs.

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Duty of confidentiality and our privacy policy

All health personnel in Norway have a duty by law to remain silent about your health information and also to actively prevent unauthorized persons from accessing it. Even during an investigation, the health service cannot give the police access without your consent. Of course, this security also applies at Dr.Dropin. You can be assured that unauthorized persons will not have access to your personal or health information stored with us. You health information will only be used to provide you with health care.

You can also read our privacy policy here. Here you can read about what personal information (name and phone number for example) is stored when you book an appointment and how this information is anonymised after 7 days.

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More about the Duty of Confidentiality

Strict laws for confidentiality
In the Norwegian health care system, we have strict rules for confidentiality. According to Norwegian law, all health personnel not only have a duty to remain silent about your health information - they also have an active duty to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to it.

Trust in the Health Care System
The Norwegian Directorate of Health writes, among other things, the following about the duty of confidentiality for health personnel:
«The population must be able to freely seek out the health service when needed and feel confident in providing the information that is necessary for health personnel to be able to provide proper health care. The patient must feel confident that information provided in connection with health care is not used in other contexts and is handed over to or belongs to unauthorized persons. "

People must feel safe to contact health care
«The purpose of health personnel's duty of confidentiality is to ensure the population's trust in health personnel and the health and care service so that persons do not fail to seek help for fear that unauthorized persons will have access to information. The relationship of trust is important for the patient to feel safe to provide the necessary information about themselves and their state of health in order for the health and care service / health personnel to be able to provide the best possible health care. The patient must feel confident that information provided in connection with health care is not used in other contexts, or is handed over to or belongs to unauthorized persons. "

"As a general rule, health personnel have a duty of confidentiality towards the police and shall not disclose information to the police for use in investigations without the patient's consent."


Tourists who are from a country in EU/EØS/Switzerland or Australia

As mentioned, you are welcome to book an appointment at one of our clinics at NOK 595 or by video at NOK 350. We offer fixed price, short waiting time and long opening hours.

If you would like to get public health care, you can read more about your rights here.

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