Covid 19: If you have ongoing symptoms and want a medical examination, please take a rapid covid test prior to the appointment. In the event of a positive rapid test or known covid infection with a request for medical supervision, we ask you book an appointment at the Fever clinic / respiratory clinic at Frogner. Read more
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Psychologist on video - we call when it suits you πŸ‘‹

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Why do we offer therapy through video?

We have great faith in combining physical and mental health. It can be easier to put your feelings into words outdoors, which is why we invite you on a trip with the psychologist.

Many also thought that this form of conversation was less formal and experienced that the thoughts became clearer in nature. (Some more concrete info about where to go) Read more about the form of conversation here.

How do I proceed?

Log into the app

Download and log in to the Dr.Dropin app.
Select "Psychology".

Book an hour that suits you

Select "psychologist over video" and the consultation length you want. You can choose based on the first available hour or see available times at your preferred therapist.

We will call you by appointment

You will receive a reminder of your class by SMS. The psychologist will call you when the class starts. Remember to keep the Dr.Dropin app open.

What does it cost?

We know that price is important to you. Therefore, we have different offers based on your needs.

Authorized psychologist - from 695, -

Psychology student - from 345, -

Psychiatrist - from 1195, -

Vi vet at kjemi er viktig

Bli kjent med psykologene vΓ₯re

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