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Injuries can in some cases put an end to activities that mean a lot to us. That's why we are concerned with prevention over time, so you can do what you love to do - for as long as possible and in the best possible way.

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Training membership Bislett

We offer training in a modern room with brand new training equipment. Here you can train in a quiet and safe environment. Physiotherapists and other health professionals are always present if you need help.

  • It is possible to train during the clinic's opening hours, ie Monday-Thursday 7-21, Friday 8-18, and Saturday 9-17.
  • Order membership by sending an email to or call 24 07 77 01 and dial 3.
  • We like to make it easy and offer only one form of membership:
    • Non-binding membership NOK 595 per month.

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Exercise Injuries - What, Why and How to Prevent?

Cross-country skiers Sjur Røthe and Pål Golberg, and biathlon athlete Tarjei Bø, know a lot about why and how to prevent effectively in order to train a lot. To better help you do what you like best, we talked to them to give you some simple tips and tricks. Take a look at the conversation between our therapists and the top athletes!

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Three quick ones with Tarjei Bø

The amount of strain an individual handles is very varied. A tolerable amount depends on anatomy, running technique, experience with this type of load, sleep, diet, stressors and loads otherwise in everyday life. But biathlete Tarjei Bø has three quick tips for injury prevention:

Tarjei Bø

Sjur Røthe's best tips to get started!

Getting started with exercise is easier said than done. We all know the benefits of exercise, but it is still the most difficult thing for most people to get started. Even for top athlete Sjur Røthe, it can be difficult to get over the well-known doorstep mile, but here are his three best tips:

Sjur Røthe

How to run properly? Hear Pål Golberg's tips

Are you in the starting pit of running? Or maybe you have been running for a long time? Either way, there are some simple tricks to running 'right'. Hear what cross-country skier Pål Golberg recommends for better running:

Pål Golberg

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Do you want more tips and tricks about working out? Click here to see all of our videos.

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