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Early detection of skin cancer

NEW: FotoFinder at Dr.Dropin Hud - The latest in early detection of skin cancer.

At Dr.Dropin Medical Center Majorstuen you get the market's most advanced mole check with FotoFinder.

    • Scan the whole body and get a digital body map of skin and moles.
    • The images are stored digitally so that you can follow how moles develop.

Book FotoFinder 1195,–


    • Markedets mest avanserte utstyr for å overvåke hud og føflekker
    • Scan hele kroppen og få et digitalt kroppskart over hud og føflekker.
    • Følg utviklingen mellom hver kontroll og fang tidlig opp endringer
      • Bildene lagres digitalt hos Dr.Dropin.
    • Mistenkelige føflekker blir undersøkt med et avansert video-dermatoskop.

Book FotoFinder 1195,–


Price: 1 195,–
This includes mapping of all moles, macroscopic and dermatoscopic photo with FotoFinder.

Surgical removal of the mole (s): 1 300,–
If it becomes necessary to remove a mole, we try to do it the same day. If there is no time, a new hour is booked, but then it is only paid for surgery, 1300, -, and not for additional consultation.

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Scin cancer

In Norway, we are high on the number of cases of mole cancer per capita and relatively low on survival. In Australia, effective population campaigns have led to lower mortality rates and fewer cases. In Norway, we should do the same. The most important thing is that you yourself know how to protect your skin from sun damage, know your own and your family's cancer history and know what to look for to find out if a mole should be considered further by a dermatologist.

FotoFinder is painless and harmless and does not give radiation in the same way as X-rays. Pregnant and breastfeeding women can perform the examination.

Early detection of skin cancer

FotoFinder can be performed on anyone who wants a mole check. Those who should have an extra low threshold to control their moles are those with:

  • Previous mole cancer (melanoma)
  • 2 or more first-degree relatives with mole cancer
  • Proven genetic heredity for mole cancer
  • Many moles with variation in shape, color and size

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