Dr.Dropin for business

Dr.Dropin offers General Medical Examinations and consultations for your employees with the same availability, convenience and low price as we offer our private customers.

Full flexibility

The employee chooses which Dr.Dropin clinic and time that is most convenient

Limited administration

Simple administration of employee lists. Employees book appointments themselves online

Billing based on usage

Monthly billing based on usage of service

General Medical Examination 995,-

The Medical Examination consists of an extensive set of tests.

  • Conversation about medical history, lifestyle and workplace
  • Physical examination: Heart, lungs, blood pressure, eyes and hearing. EKG if heart issues should be examined
  • Blood tests: Liver, kidneys, white and red blood cells, vitamins and minerals
  • Breast examination (as required)
  • Prostate examination (as required)
  • Medical condition feedback and referral for further treatment if required

Consultation 595,-

We offer the same low price fixed price of 595,- for consultations to businesses. Employees can get help with medical topics as required – we offer the same help as other General Practitioners.  The offering ensures that employees have quick access to medical assistance, and simplifies the stay for international employees without ties to the Norwegian Healthcare system

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Kontakt oss

Takk for at du ønsker kontakt med oss i Dr.Dropin. Vi jobber så raskt vi klarer, og besvarer de aller fleste henvendelser innen 24 timer. To ting å huske på når du sender til oss: 1. Helst ikke del personsensitive opplysninger - sensitive diskusjoner bør tas på en time med en av våre leger. 2. Dersom du trenger medisinske råd for din spesifikke tilstand eller utfordring, løses det også best på en time.