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With us, the doctor can guide you to what you need or you can choose for yourself. We have made it quick and easy for you to get an e-prescription without a doctor's appointment.

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    • Urinary tract infection
    • Contraception
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The warranty period of 2 hours applies within the opening hours: 08-22 (weekend 09-20)

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Answer questions

Choose a product or get a recommendation.
Buy and wait.

Get your doctor's approval

A doctor will review your answers and find the right treatment for you.

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The prescription is ready to be used in all pharmacies within 2 hours.


Whether you know exactly what you want from medicine or need a recommendation from your doctor, we will help you. Here you get a prescription for the entire pollen season (3 months) by answering a few simple health questions.

    • Eye drops
    • Nasal spray
    • Pills

Order e-prescription

If you need a reimbursable presecription, please book an appointment with one of our doctors.


The choice of contraception should feel simple and safe, whether it is mini-pills and contraceptive pills, contraceptive rod, contraceptive ring, contraceptive patch or IUD. Here is our guide to how hormones work, and the various side effects that exist. Doctors help you find your best options.

Choose from the recommendation or renew what you are already using.

The recipe lasts for a whole year.

Order e-prescription

Urinary tract infection

It is important to get treatment quickly if you have a urinary tract infection. If you recognize symptoms and have had them before, you only need to answer a few health questions before you get a prescription for antibiotics from your doctor.

Order e-prescription

The doctor approves within 2 hours

Usually the prescription is ready as soon as the doctor has reviewed your order. In those cases where it is necessary, we recommend a doctor's appointment, to be on the safe side.

You will receive the money for the prescription refunded if the order does not go through.

Opening hours:

Weekdays: 08-22

Weekends: 09-20

The warranty period of 2 hours applies within the opening hours.

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