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Is it something you've had before, recognize the symptoms or know what you need? Skip the doctor's appointment and get a self-service prescription.

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These prescriptions are available digitally

Gynecological health issues and STI's


You know your body best. If you recognize the symptoms and know what you need, you can easily order a self-service prescription.



Are you struggling with allergies and out of medication? We make the threshold low for getting help when sudden ailments arise. If you have had it before and recognize the symptoms, you can get a self-service prescription.



Have you been diagnosed with one of these sexually transmitted infections by a doctor before, and do you have the same symptoms as at the last outbreak? Now you can get a prescription digitally.


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We make it easy for you to take the vaccines you need. Order a self-service prescription, and have it filled at the pharmacy.

This is how self-service prescription at Dr. Dropin works

Fill out form

Answer a few simple questions about your ailments and needs in a digital form.

The doctor looks over your answers

The doctor assesses the need for a prescription and finds a treatment for you.

Get a prescription

The prescription is ready for collection at the pharmacy within a few minutes.

Opening hours

Monday-Friday | 8.00-22.00

Saturday-Sunday | 8.00-20.00

The average waiting time to receive a prescription through the digital form is 15 minutes. Outside of our opening hours and in case of heavy traffic, a slightly longer processing time must be expected. If there is something else you need a prescription for, you can get help via video or in the clinic.

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Home test for STIs

Have you had unprotected sex and suspect infection? Now you can order a self-test for chlamydia and gonorrhea and have it delivered straight to your home. Prescription and treatment are included.

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Do you need a prescription for something else?

GP over video


Our doctors can issue a prescription over video if there is a medical indication for it. This can be, for example, in the case of a known diagnosis and newly occurring symptoms, or renewal of medication in an existing course of treatment.

Download the app and get an hour later. 15 min.

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Prescription – Appointment in clinic


Our doctors help you with a wide range of medical issues during a doctor's appointment in a clinic - the same issues a GP or emergency room can help you with.

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