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Plantar fasciitis


Plantar fascitis is an inflammation or irritation of the connective tissue under the heel. Is is mostly caused by overuse. Longstanding standing, walking and running on hard surface, bad footwear, misalignment in the foot and obesity are factors that contributes to developing plantar fascitis.


    • Sharp pain under the foot approximately 5 cm from the backside of the heel
    • Pain with weight bearing - standing, walking, running
    • The intensity can vary from mild discomfort to problems standing on the involved foot
    • Can involve one or both feet


A chiropractor or physiotherapist will based on the history and physical examination help to set the right diagnosis. A chiropractor can refer you to diagnostic imaging if the diagnosis is unclear, for example x-ray or MRI.


Shock wave therapy is the favored treatment form for pasients with plantar fascitis. We offer shock wave treatment at our clinics and have chiropractors and physiotherapists that are trained to do this treatment. A customised insole can give pain relief by shock absorbing and correct misalignments in the foot. Specific exercises and advices often helps. In some cases the need of painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs or corticosteroid injection should be considered.


Plantar fascitis is self limiting and resolves often after 2-24 months.

When should you seek physical therapy?

Research shows that it is important to take action as early as possible to shorten the course of the disease. This is a condition which can last for a long time and become very mitigating.

What can Dr.Dropin Physical help with?

At Dr. Dropin Physical you withal find competent and professional chiropractors and physiotherapists who will help to assess your foot and start relevant treatment. You need no referral and it is easy to book an appointment in our app or at the web page.

What can you do yourself? Advices

Reduce the total load, cool down the foot and wear reasonable footwear with good shock absorption.

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