Corona virus: Our clinics are open to the general public, but all patients should wear a facemask during consultations. If you want a coronatest, have any symptoms of cold or flu or could be infected, read this before booking
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COVID-19 Test Clinic Oslo Airport

Welcome to our test clinic at Oslo Airport.

Here we offer three different Covid-19 tests:

Rapid antigen test with fit-to-travel certificate 1195, -

    • Answer in less than 60 min
    • Receive Certificate in less than 60 minutes, sent as password-protected e-mail.

Test (PCR) 995,-

    • Test results back in 1 to 3 working days (weekend is not a working day)

Test (PCR) incl. fit-to-fly certificate 1195,-

    • Test results will be available in 1 to 3 working days (weekend is not a working day)
    • Electronic certificate for fit-to-fly and fit-to-work.

Important information: If you have any ongoing symptoms of COVID-19, do not visit the airport. Then feel free to use one of our test clinics in Oslo.

Book a Covid-19 test here to make sure you are healthy before you travel.

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Opening hours

Mon – Sun: 06:00–22, 00-06


Rapid antigen test

At Oslo Airport, Dr.Dropin offers a Rapid antigen test with a Fit-to-fly / fit-to-work certificate. You typically arrive 4 hours before departure and take the test at the airport at our Dr.Dropin test clinic. Here you get a physical copy of the certificate in English.

The clinic is located behind the counters for luggage delivery in the check-in area. You can find the clinic by entering the airport's main entrance for Departure, and up the escalator to the check-in area.

Remember that not all countries accept the Rapid Antigen test, you must check this yourself before you travel.


The safest test to confirm whether you have COVID-19 or not. This is the only approved test for you who need a confirmation of a negative test result in connection with work, study or travel. Test results will be available within 1-3 days.
Most airlines require a negative PCR test certificate taken within 24-72 hours before departure.

The test clinic at Oslo Airport is also a service for you who live in areas close to the airport, such as Jessheim and Eidsvoll. If you want to take a test to make sure that you do not have the virus, or need a fit-to-fly / Fit-to-work certificate, you can use Dr.Dropin's test clinic at Oslo Airport.

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