Covid 19: If you have ongoing symptoms and want a medical examination, book an appointment at the Fever clinic / respiratory clinic at Frogner. Read more
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COVID-19 test and Fit-to-Fly certificate

In collaboration with Norwegian, you get discounted prices on COVID-19 test including Fit-to-Fly certificate from Dr.Dropin.

    • The price for one COVID-19 test incl. Fit-to-Fly certificate is NOK 1095,– (before 1195,–).
    • If you book COVID-19 tests for three or more people, you get a 25% discount and pay NOK 895,– per person. This includes the Fit-to-Fly certificate (original price 1195,–).
    • NB. If you are a family of more than two people:
      • - Three people must book two hours.
      • - Four people must book three hours.

        Book multiple appointments if you are three people or more. Then we have the time to treat everyone.

Book COVID-19 test

Proceed like this

Press the book button

    • Answer some COVID-19 questions
    • Select clinic, date and time
    • Enter your personal information

Choose 1-2 or 3+ people

    • Enter verification code from SMS
    • Confirm
    • NB: Norwegian-price only available from this page

Antigen and PCR test

The offer applies to both rapid test/antigen test and PCR test. It does not apply to express PCR test.

The tests can be performed in all Dr.Dropin's ordinary clinics and test clinics in Oslo, Asker, Bærum, Bergen and Trondheim, as well as at Oslo Airport Gardermoen.

If you have symptoms of COVID-19 or are in quarantine, you can only be tested in Dr.Dropin's own test clinics. You must be symptom-free and not in quarantine, to be tested in Dr.Dropin's ordinary clinics or at Oslo Airport Gardermoen.

Fit-to-fly certificate

At all clinics you can take a test and ask for a certificate (NOK 995 + a supplement of NOK 200). We only write certificates based on tests taken at a Dr.Dropin clinic, where we can log in and verify the test result at Furst.

At medical clinics and test clinics, the test results will be sent out electronically on or The certificate is created at about the same time and you will receive an email when it is ready. It is therefore not necessary to call us while you are waiting for your certificate.

The certificate is sent by email, except at the test clinic at Oslo airport. Here you get a physical certificate.

If you need a physical certificate, you can pick it up at Dr.Dropin National every day 08.00-11.00, 14.00-17.00 and 20.00-22.00.

The certificate is written in English and is dated with the name, date and time when the test was taken, as well as the type of test taken.

NB: From 1st of November fit-to-travel certificate kan only be picked up at test clinic Frogner (Niels Juels gate 27) Monday-Sunday between 08.00-11.00, 14.00-17.00 and 22.00

Oslo Airport

Antigen/rapid test

At Oslo Airport, Dr.Dropin offers antigen/fast test with Fit-to-travel/fit-to-work certificate. You typically arrive four hours before departure and take the test at the airport at our Dr.Dropin test clinic. Here you get a physical copy of the certificate in English.

The clinic is located behind the counters for luggage delivery in the check-in area. You can find the clinic by entering the airport's main entrance for Departure, and up the escalator to the check-in area.

Remember that not all countries accept the antigen/rapid test, you must check this yourself before you travel.

Dr.Dropin clinics

Dr.Dropin has clinics in Oslo, Asker, Bærum, Oslo Airport Gardermoen, Bergen and Trondheim.

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