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In Trondheim, you can meet experienced midwives with expertise in ultrasound who can accompany you throughout your pregnancy and during childbirth.

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Dr.Dropin follows national guidelines in maternity care.

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Ultrasound 2D/3D


With ultrasound, you can get reliable information about the fetus and can detect complications in pregnancy. For ultrasound, the midwife uses an ultrasound camera with gel in the area to be examined. The audio signals are processed and displayed as live images on the screen. The examination is not painful.

Prenatal visit


NIPT is a blood sample in the mother's arm that analyzes the fetus' DNA and examines whether the fetus has chromosomal abnormalities. The sample can be taken from week 10 and is always done in combination with an ultrasound to check how far into the mother has come in the pregnancy. Our midwives are also available for advice if you wish before booking an appointment for NIPT.

Our midwife will help you

When you discover that you are pregnant, a whole new world opens up. Brand new thoughts and issues arise, and you may have many questions about lifestyle, the fetus in the womb and the way forward.

Our midwives can guide you and want to make you safe during pregnancy!

Meet our midwife - Tanja Sagen

Tanja Hagen has extensive experience as a midwife in maternity care, both in the municipality and in hospitals and has had further education in ultrasound since 2017.

Tanja graduated as a nurse at HINT in 2000 and took further education as a midwife at HIST in 2014. She also took further education in acupuncture at the Norwegian School of Health Sciences in 2016.

Tanja is an authorized ultrasound midwife for First trimester ultrasound (early ultrasound week 11-13) from NTNU in 2021 and has further education in Doppler ultrasound obstetrics, maternal and fetal blood vessels including the fetal heart, at NTNU.

In addition to working at Dr.Dropin, she works as an ultrasound midwife at Namsos Hospital.

Tanja is passionate about everyone having the opportunity for good maternity care. Being seen and heard in a vulnerable time is important.

All patients are different and have different needs. Tanja has a strong desire to meet all women and expectant parents in a good way and give them the information they need. She has a special interest in pregnancy and securing the pregnant couple until birth and in the time afterwards.

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Do you experience challenges with breastfeeding?

Our midwives know that breastfeeding requires a lot of energy, time and focus. For some, it can be demanding, and often small adjustments are needed to solve the problem. That is why Dr.Dropin offers breastfeeding guidance for those who need support and help.

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Akupunktur – Ved svangerskapsrelaterte plager

Opplever du søvnproblemer, engstelse, stress, leggkramper, kvalme? Akupunktur er tradisjonell kinesisk medisin, som kan hjelpe mot svangerskapsrelaterte plager.



Ultrasound is sound waves that are sent into the body from a sound head. The sound waves have such a high frequency that they are not audible to the human ear. When the sound waves hit the body tissue, an echo occurs. The echo causes the sound waves to return to the sound head. Different tissues reflect the audio signals differently. The audio signals are processed and displayed as live images on the screen.

Ultrasound provides reliable information about the fetus and can detect complications in pregnancy.

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Ultralyd 2D/3DUltralyd 2D/3D
Ultralyd 2D/3D

Cervical screening - What is it and how is it performed?

The doctors at Dr. Dropin have good experience in women's health, and are happy to perform a cell sample. The gynecological examination can be performed by a general practitioner, gynecologist and midwife. We know that you probably have many questions related to the cell sample, and have collected many of the typical questions and answers.

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Cervix examCervix exam
Cervix exam