Covid 19: If you have ongoing symptoms and want a medical examination, book an appointment at the Fever clinic / respiratory clinic at Frogner. Read more
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Free antigen test

Dr.Dropin Kulturstasjon

On behalf of Oslo kommune Dr.Dropin offers free antigen test for those attending bigger events such as concerts, theater, soccer matches, festivals, and domestic coastal cruises. At Dr.Dropin kulturstasjon you can get tested for free and receive a 24-hour green corona certificate.

Proceed like this

Do you need a 24 hour green COVID certificate, do the following:

  • Find an open Dr.Dropin kulturstasjon

  • Drop-in no earlier than 24 hours before the event
  • Take a test and get an answer within 1 hour.
  • Log in to and check the status of your certificate. To enter the event, you must display a green control page.

The test is only available to people with a Norwegian social security number / ID number who have access to Helsenorge.

If you receive a positive antigen test, you will be called, given a red COVID-19 certificate and must book an appointment at a test clinic to take a PCR test.

Free antigen test Nationaltheatret

Dr.Dropin Kulturstasjon Spikersuppa

Adress: Karl Johans gate 26

Closed from week 40

Free antigen test Bislett

Dr.Dropin Kulturstasjon Bislett

Adress: Lille Bislett 16, 0170 Oslo

Closed from week 40

Free antigen test Jernbanetorget

Dr.Dropin Kulturstasjon Jernbanetorget

Address: Jernbanetorget, Strandgata

Closed from week 41

Gratis hurtigtest Trondheim

Address: Sverres gate 12, 7012 Trondheim (Akrinnbygget on Campus Kalvskinnet)

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 10:00 - 18:00

Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 - 14:00

Gratis hurtigtest Bergen

Dr.Dropin kulturstasjon BI Bergen

Adresse: Kong. Chr. Frederiks gate 5, 5006 Bergen

Closed from week 41

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