Corona test | COVID-19

Do you need a coronal test but are unsure which one? Or are you going to travel this summer but do not know what is required? We offer various corona certificates, as well as Fit-to-Fly certificates that several countries still require.

NB: You are responsible for finding out which test you need.

    • Dr.Dropin offers the following coronal tests:
    • Rapid test / antigen test
    • Express RT PCR
    • Standard RT PCR
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Coronatest Oslo, Asker, Sandvika

Do you need a corona test in the metropolitan area? Click to read more about where we test you and what tests we offer.

Koronatest Bergen

Do you need a coronal test in Bergen? Click to read more about where we test you, and what tests we offer in Bergen.

Coronatest Oslo Airport Gardemoen

Skal du reise i sommer, og trenger koronatest eller Fit-to-Fly attest? Les mer om hvordan vi hjelper deg i sommer.

Koronatest Stavanger

Do you need a coronal test in Stavanger? Click to read more about where we test you, and what tests we offer in Stavanger.

When will I receive an answer to the test? Do I need a certificate for the trip? You have been wondering about this during the pandemic.

Dr.Dropin is proud to have helped thousands of patients during the pandemic. We have been close to the situation since the outbreak, and have talked to you all the way. We want to make you safer in a situation that many feel unsafe, and have therefore collected questions and answers you have wondered the most!

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Travelling this summer? We do COVID-tests at Oslo Airport


Are you going out to travel this summer? There are still some countries that require you to bring a Fit-to-Fly certificate.

What countries are these? And do you need a certificate? We help you as best we can, even if you are responsible for whether your trip requires a certificate or not.

Compensation and guarantees

We want to be as clear as possible, but unfortunately not everything we can guarantee you in connection with your test.

Are you entitled to compensation or are you wondering what guarantees you have? Read about our guarantees when you test with us, and if you are entitled to compensation.

Other questions?

If you have not received answers to your questions on our pages, please contact us.

We help you as soon as we can, and look forward to hearing from you!