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Infection and inflammation

Infection is caused by tiny organisms, such as virus and bacteria. The flu, tonsillitis and ear infections are examples of infection we can help you treat.

We also provide advise and treatment on inflammations such as tendonitis and osteoporosis.

Ear infection

At Dr.Dropin we can examine and diagnose inflammations and infections of the are. Our doctors are equipped for inspecting ears and throats internally, and do tests if nessecary. We are also equipped to rinse your ears if blocked. If we are not able to help you we will refer you to a specialist.

Throat infection

Painful, sore throats can be bothersome. We can test for mono and strep, with instant results. We prescribe antibiotics if necessary and offer advice on how to quickly recover.


Inflammation or infection of the sinuses can be acute or chronic. You will experience pain and pressure around your cheek bones, eyes and forehead. Some also experience tooth ache and a reduced sense of smell, along with nasal congestion and mucus. We can help you figure out wether this is caused by virus or bacteria. If your symptoms are caused by bacteria, we will prescribe antibiotics.


Tinnitus can be bothersome and lower your quality of life. Noise and sounds stemming from your inner air or brain will be noticeable, causing you to hear buzzing or beeping sounds. The doctor can help you find the cause for your tinnitus and examine your ear. If ear wax is causing your discomfort we can remove this by doing a cleansing of the ear. If necessary we can refer you to a specialist.

Muscle and skeletal issues

Most will at some point in life experience muscle and skeletal pain. This is often caused by damage, tearing or inflammation.

Our doctors can diagnose and treat conditions such as tendonitis, frozen shoulder, arthritis, tennis and golf elbow, prolapsed or slipped disk in back, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis and shin splints.
We can help you with damaged muscles and joints, and can refer you to x-ray and orthopedist if necessary.