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Vaccines protect against transmittable deceases, and are offered all children in Norway through the child vaccination program.

As an adult you have to see a doctor to update on your vaccinations. Generally it is recommended to be vaccinated against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough and poliomyelitis. For adults who have received vaccines through the child vaccination program it is recommended to refresh these vaccines every tenth year.

All vaccinations made by us are registered in the national vaccination registry. You pick up the vaccine at the pharmacy and get your inoculation from one of out doctors the same day, for only the additional cost of the vaccine. You only pay for the initial appointment.All of our clinics are located near a pharmacy.

If anyone else in your family needs vaccinations, Dr.Dropin can help you. If you are 3 or more who needs a vaccine, you can book 1 less appointment. In general; 2 people should book 2 appointments. 3 people should book 2 appointments. 4 people should book 3 appointments, and 5 people should book 4 appointments. You only pay for the number of appointments you need.

Book an appointment in one of our clinics

For emergencies, call 113

Om du befinner deg i en krise eller har livstruende skader bør du ringe 113

Seasonal vaccines for infection / Flu shot

Vaccines against flu and pneumonic diseases are recommended for everyone over the age of 65, as well as other vulnerable groups. These might be pasients with diabetes, chronic heart and lung diseases, weakened immune system, obesity, neurological conditions and other chronic diseases. Pregnant women are also recommended a flu shot after week 12. The vaccine is included in our fixed rate and should be taken yearly. I you do contract the flu, you can try an antiviral treatment to shorten your sick leave and ease the symptoms. The pneumococ vaccine should be taken every ten years.

Travel vaccines

If you are planning on traveling abroad we recommend you to follow the advice set for your travel destination. Generally speaking you will need vaccination for all countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Pacific Islands and Eastern Europe. You should start your vaccination program some time before departure to be fully protected. Dr.Dropin can help you establish what vaccines are necessary, and inoculate you. We also prescribe preventives for Malaria.
If you have children under the age of two, you should check with your local health station to push planned vaccines ahead. MMR vaccines are recommended for everyone. Hepatitis A and tetanus vaccines are recommended for most destinations. We only charge for the cost of the vaccine.

Vaccine against meningitis

We vaccinate against contagious meningitis. The vaccine is recommended for those between the ages of 16-19.