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What does it cost?

No matter you need, when you book, or how long it takes, an appointment at one of our clinics cost 595,-

A video call with one of our doctors cost 350,-

Why is the price set at 595,- at Dr.Dropin?

Dr.Dropin is a private healthcare provider, and as such do not receive public funding.

The patients therefore cover more of the costs than they would using a public service. Still, we are working on running Dr.Dropin as efficiently as possible, so that you can receive the care you need at a cost you can afford.

Can I use my healthcare exemption card at Dr.Dropin?

Unfortunately not. Dr.Dropin is a private healthcare provider, without public funding, and as such you can not use your public healthcare exemption card.

Can I get a receipt after the appointment?

Yes, you will get a receipt after the appointment.

How do I pay for the appointment?

All of our clinics are equipped with card readers, accepting both debit and credit cards.

What can Dr.Dropin help me with?

We can help you with most things a GP or emergency room can.

In case of emergency, or life threatening injuries, please call 113

What happens if I miss my appointment?

If you realize that you’re not going to make your appointment, you can easily cancel it through the link you received on SMS.

You can then book a new appointment, without any extra costs.

Do you upload information from the appointment to my medical record?

If requested, your doctor at Dr.Dropin will send your GP records from your appointment.

How do you process my personal health data?

All personal data are processed according to strict Norwegian privacy regulations.

In short, only relevant personal health data is stored, in case they are needed for further treatment. All other information is automatically deleted after the consultation.

Where can I pick up my prescriptions?

Our doctors only write digital prescriptions, which can be picked up in all Norwegian pharmacies