Covid 19: If you have ongoing symptoms and want a medical examination, book an appointment at the Fever clinic / respiratory clinic at Frogner. Read more
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Corona test Trondheim

We have three options for covid-19 testing in Trondheim

1: Rapid antigen test 995, -

    • Test results within 5 hours.
    • + 200,- for fit-to-travel / fit-to-work certificate

2: Test (PCR) 995, -

    • Receive test results within 1 to 2 working days (due to high demand in Trondheim, it may take a little longer)
    • + 200,- for fit-to-fly certificate

3: Antibody test 595,-

    • Blood test to test if you have had the coronavirus and have developed antibodies

You are responsible for choosing the type of test, and you must inform out staff which test you wish to take at the beginning of your appointment. Dr.Dropin is not responsible for the type of test you take.

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Important infomation

We do not accept patients with symptoms.

With a Rapid antigen test, you get an answer within 5 hours. If you have ordered a certificate, you will receive this electronically as your official test result within 5 hours.

With the PCR testHere you will get an answer within 1-2 days. You will receive test results in Pasientsky from your doctor at Dr.Dropin. Foreign nationals receive results by email.

If the test is positive, you need to go in isolation and will be contacted by an infection detection team in the municipality you are staying.

The Fit-to-fly / fit-to-work certificate is sent electronically, as a password-protected e-mail. This certificate is in English. The certificate will be created at the same time your test results are ready in Pasientsky og sent by email.

PCR Test

The safest test to confirm whether you have COVID-19 or not. This is the only approved test for those who need a confirmation of a negative test result in relation to work, study or travel.
Most airlines require a negative PCR test certificate taken within 24-72 hours before departure.


NB: Bring a passport for your appointment f it is required that your passport number is listed on your travel certificate


Important information: Patients with ongoing symptoms or who may be infected should contact us on video.

Symptoms of corona

You can experience various symptoms and disease processes when you are infected with the coronavirus. Symptoms may include:

Some people have difficulty breathing and / or pneumonia


Muscle pain

Reduced sense of smell or taste

Sore throat

Fatigue / exhaustion

Heavy breath

Dry cough

Dr.Dropin har 9 klinikker i hele Oslo, 2 klinikker i Bergen, 1 klinikk i Trondheim og 1 klinikk Stavanger

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