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Happy and healthy employees

Take care of your employees by offering general medical examinations, flu vaccines and consultations from Dr.Dropin

We also respond by e-mail

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Full flexibility 

The employee can choose what clinic and time is best suited for their appointment

Minimal administration

You can easily administer and update your list of employees. Appointments are made by the jobholder online

Invoicing per use

Invoice is forwarded after appointments

Health checkup 995,-

To prevent illness and ailments we offer checkups customized to fit your staff.

By following their own health development, your employees can get the information and motivation necessary to make changes in their lifestyle, and to detect illness at an early state.

Our health checkup includes a number of examinations

    • Conversation about health record, lifestyle and job situation.
    • Physical examination: heart, lungs, blood pressure, vision and hearing. ECG in case of suspicion of heart conditions.
    • Blood tests: liver, kidneys, white and red blood count, vitamins and minerals.
    • Breast exam(if needed)
    • Prostate exam(if needed)
    • Individual feedback session and referrals if needed.

Consultations 595,-

We offer the same low price for businesses as we to for individual patients. Illness can become stressful in a busy work environment. Many businesses may also haveemployees from other countries, that might not have an established relationship with a GP. Dr.Dropin wants to help every business secure proper healthcare for their employees.

Flu vaccine 395,-

Visiting your place of work, Dr.Dropin can administer flu vaccines for your entire staff, given that you employ more than ten people. The price is per person.