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About Dr.Dropin

We want to make healthcare better, more affordable and available for everyone seeking medical attention

We know that many people are happy with their GP’s, but also that it can be difficult to get immediate medical attention when needed. Short opening hours and long queues within public healthcare can often lead to you not getting the help you need.

That’s why we made Dr.Dropin – an accessible and modern private healthcare provider that offer most medical services at a fixed price

Our doctors see you

When we started Dr.Dropin our goal was to put the patient first

Our team of doctors consist of carefully chosen, and dedicated individuals. They are all well experienced in clinical medicine, and have Norwegian authorization , so that you can get the help you need.
We wish for everyone that requires medical attention to feel understood and at ease after seeing a doctor., and that they have received the proper care

“Many patients feel misunderstood and ignored when they visit their GP. At Dro.Dropin we try to do the opposite, while still cooperate with the GPs when necessary.”
Dr. Daniel Sørli

Want to be part of our team?

Are you a doctor and keen on knowing more about Dr.Dropin and how we work?

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What we can help you with

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